Safe operation steps of edge milling machine during unloading

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1. The C-shaped single column press will make the angular wave mode skew when welding, while the double column edge milling machine has a stable structure. According to the size of the workpiece and the welding load (centering or eccentric), the action is accurate, and it is suitable for eccentric load processing. In the same way, it is very simple to set the preload on the edge milling machine.

2. At present, the productivity requirements are low, and the blanking of small and medium-sized parts generally uses the milling machine, and the production rhythm generally does not exceed 20-40 pieces per minute. The movement track of the action point of the force of the four column milling machine deviates from its geometric center. If the double column or four column press is used, its body structure must be able to withstand the impact vibration caused by blanking, and the forming mode determines that the structure of the edge milling machine is a C-shaped frame.

3. The buffer function (press damage may be caused when pressing two pieces) can find the advantages of using the edge milling machine. Only by knowing whether the stroke range of the slider and the adjustment of the weld joint control meet the processing requirements. Preloading is used to offset the impact of workpiece weight or emergency stop. The device failed to eject the machined part. When designing the press, it is difficult to set up the milling machine when two pieces of material are fed to the mold or the parts are discharged from the mold. If the travel range is set, the milling machine should be selected.

4. When there is such a requirement, the setting can be changed quickly by using the edge milling machine;

For products with various types, complicated program setting is often needed, which is easy to set with milling machine;

When processing small parts (1-2 inches), the shooting time is 60 SPM; when processing large parts (3-15 inches), the shooting time is 30-40 SPM; the production rhythm of the edge milling machine is slow;

For blanking process meeting the following requirements, it is better to use edge milling machine:

At this time, it is possible to press two pieces to improve its firmness. In this case, the mechanical press may be damaged to reduce the impact of blanking. Designers often design the weight of the blanking press to twice the weight of the standard configuration. The edge milling machine has overload protection function, which limits the highest weld joint, so it will not be damaged.

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